Our Little Miracles

This blog is about our two little miracles, Hayden & Carson. They were born on June 19, 2006, at 1:49 and 1:51 AM. Hayden weighed in at 6 pounds and 2 ounces, while Carson weighed in at 4 pounds, 13 ounces. Keep checking back to watch us grow!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Various Sayings from our Precious 2-Year-Olds

As the boys begin to talk more and more, the more funny things they say. I am going to do my best to make this the "one-stop shop" for all of the odd and cute things they say. I can only remember a couple right now, but I will update as I remember, and hear, more. Here goes...

"Momma, blow eyes" Hayden notices when his nose is running and wants me to help him blow it. Well, the other day, he had been crying and his eyes were running and he wanted me to "blow his eyes." It was so sweet and funny!

"Momma, light bug me" Carson had hurt himself the other day and I picked him up to kiss it and make it better. I held him like a baby to see if he would let me (gotta try sometimes :)), and apparently the light was in his eyes and he wanted me to turn it off. Not sure how he picked up "bug me," but I'm sure it was from us :).

"Bit Burp" Bit is Hayden's (and therefore Carson's) way of saying "Puppy," who we would have a hard time without. We were on our way home from church and Hayden started laughing and looking at Puppy. I asked what was funny and he said, "Bit Burp." I said, "did Puppy burp," and he said "uh huh." Their imaginations are amazing!

As I get more, I will post them.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Ice Bababay"

I have heard and read about many kids having favorite songs like "Jesus Loves Me" or other good wholesome songs. While my boys do like those songs too, I would have to say their favorites have been a bit different. This was not done on purpose by any means, but nonetheless, it happened.

I used to ALWAYS play music while giving the boys a bath (still do on occasion). It would mainly be the radio like KISS FM or KFIN. ONE time we heard Low by Flo Rida (if you don't know this song, that is okay, it is a hip-hip-ish song). I had gotten Carson out of the tub and was dancing with him. When it got to the "low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low" part, I start dropping him closer and closer to the floor. He thought it was so fun. SEVERAL days, possibly even a week later, I asked if he wanted to sing and he said "low, low, low, low." It took me a while to figure it out, but he was singing this song. We don't hear it often, but when we do, he knows when to say "low, low, low, low," and seems to love it. It is so cute.

Other favorite songs of the boys include a lot of kid songs, Happy Birthday ("happy to you"), Jesus Loves Me (see, we do sing good songs too :)), Taylor Swift's Our Song, Sugarland's All I Wanna Do (hoo hoo hoo hoo), and Ice Ice Baby. I'm not so sure where Ice Ice Baby came from other than they love to eat ice and I can only guess that I sang it to them one time while they were eating ice. Now, all you have to do is hum the intro and they know to say Ice Ice Baby, only it is "Ice Bababay." It is too cute. Here is a video of their (mainly Carson) singing. I know you will get tired of hearing me, but I so desparately wanted this on tape that I wasn't giving up :).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Dada Tattoo"

The boys have been a regular at the Zen Factory here in town recently. Before you call someone on us, they are not getting their own tattoos, they have just been watching (really they've just been in the room - they are too busy to watch, which is why we've only been there part of the time). A couple of weeks ago, they got to watch Aunt Dodie get her tattoo and tonight they got to watch their Daddy. Both Aunt Dodie and Daddy had goals to reach and as their reward they wanted, and now have gotten, tattoos.

As we were headed to the Zen Factory, the boys kept saying "Dada Tattoo," and "Watch Dada Get Tattoo." It was cute. They said they wanted one too, but they'll have to wait until they are of legal age to decide that!

Here is a picture of the boys watching their Daddy get his tattoo.

Here is a picture of Phillip in the process of being "tattooed" and then the final product.

Here is the finished product...

As you will notice, he ended up with not 1 tatoo, but 2. The arm tattoo was the purpose of this visit, but he has always wanted to get his wedding ring tattooed on because he rarely wears his due to working on cars (afraid of getting it hung on something and ripping his finger off). When his arm was finished, the guy told him he would do the ring for free. Of course, he wasn't going to pass that up - especially since he wanted it anyway. After the initial shock on my behalf (because I expected 1 tattoo, not 2), I think it is really cool. Also, that means he can never take it off, so I guess he's stuck with me :).

Monday, July 21, 2008

Two-Year Checkup

I know I am a bit late with this, but I wanted to be sure and post the boys' stats from their 2-year checkup. Here they are...

29 pounds, 9 ounces
35 1/2 inches tall

27 pounds, 7 ounces
34 1/2 inches tall

As you can see, Hayden is still the bigger of the two, although I would argue that Carson eats more at times :). They are both very healthy. The only thing we've had to deal with this summer has been some runny noses, and then a weird fever virus (I guess) where Hayden got a temperature for one night and felt rotten, then was better the next day, and then Carson did the same thing a few days later. Both seem to be doing fine now.

They are definitely talking much more and are becoming more active. They will try to repeat just about anything you say (so now we have to be really careful :)), even though it is not always understandable. I am loving it!

I will try to post some "lost videos" of the boys singing in the near future (maybe by the end of the week???). Until then, here are a couple of pictures.
Hayden loves to sit in "Daddy's Chair"
Carson LOVES his sunglasses!

Flippin' Out

Okay, so I didn't exactly do what I said I would do (blog more often), but at least it has only been about 1 month instead of 2, right?? I want to, honestly, but the time gets away so quickly!

Well, I'm back, for a few minutes at least :). Phillip didn't have to work today, so the boys got to stay home with him. They had so much fun playing with Daddy, especially outside in the sprinkler. Carson even learned a new trick (hint: see title). Here are some pics from the sprinkler fun and then a video of Carson's new trick. Enjoy...