Our Little Miracles

This blog is about our two little miracles, Hayden & Carson. They were born on June 19, 2006, at 1:49 and 1:51 AM. Hayden weighed in at 6 pounds and 2 ounces, while Carson weighed in at 4 pounds, 13 ounces. Keep checking back to watch us grow!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This year we had a lion and a scarecrow for Halloween. We went to the Fall Festival at church and the boys seemed to have fun watching everyone and riding around in their wagon. Although it was somewhat difficult to maneuver, I was so glad I didn't have to chase two boys around! The boys got to get candy in their bags, but didn't quite know what to do with it (that is okay, Mommy and Daddy know :)). They did really good keeping their costumes in place, until the end and they both wanted their hats off. When we got home, we decided to go to Mr. Darrell and Mrs. Deanna's house across the road to trick or treat. They gave the boys some good candy. After that, the boys were ready to head home and get ready for bed. All in all, it was a good night. Here are some pics.

Here we all are in our back yard. It is hard to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time.

Here are the boys playing in the back yard before we left for the Fall Festival. Carson REALLY wanted to swing.

We are about to go inside to the Fall Festival!

Once we got inside, we saw lots of people.
Here are some of our friends.

First Flowers

Yesterday, Carson would not take a second nap, but Hayden was sleeping good and I was REALLY needing a nap. My mom had been watching the boys all day while I worked, so she said she would take Carson with her on some errands so Hayden could get some sleep and I could get in a short nap too. Well, of course, I didn't argue :). While running their errands, they stopped by to see Granny P, who happened to have some flowers that Carson picked for me. It was so cute when he came in with them in his hand, and then he handed them to me. I wish I had thought to take a picture at that moment, but I didn't. So, I took a picture of the flowers (in a plastic cup). I know this probably seems silly, but I thought it would be cute to look back on many years from now. So, here are my first flowers from Carson...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Our First Zoo Trip

Last weekend we made our first trip to the zoo. Aside from being sleepy from missing naps, the boys really seemed to enjoy it. Hayden waved "hi" to most of the animals. I think their favorite was the polar bear - at least it was my favorite. The monkeys were funny to watch too. Here are some pics from the day.

Here is one of the few times the boys got to be out of the stroller and walking around. It was a challenge deciding when to keep them in the stroller and when to get them out, but we did okay. I don't remember what they were looking at here, but as you can see "Puppy" had to go with us. I eventually had to hide Puppy because I was afraid he would get lost - and that would make for a BAD day!

Here are all 3 boys looking at the Panda Bear.

Here we are at the Polar Bear exhibit. The boys seemed to like this. The fact that they got to walk around may have had something to do with it. Carson seemed interested in a couple of older girls while there. I'm not sure if he is looking for the Polar bear, or if he is looking at the girl :).

We had to take a break and eat some lunch. I just happened to bring some little cups for them to eat snacks in, but they ended up eating their lunches in them. They did really well. As you can see, Hayden was very comfortable with his feet propped up on his Bubby's seat.

After lunch, we took the train ride around the farm. It was an okay ride for me and Phillip, but the boys really seemed to enjoy it. Luckily, the driver of the train agreed to take our picture.

As I mentioned earlier, the boys pretty much missed their naps. Here they are on the ride home. Carson went to sleep pretty early, but Hayden held on as long as he could. I think we were pretty close to home before he finally went to sleep.