Our Little Miracles

This blog is about our two little miracles, Hayden & Carson. They were born on June 19, 2006, at 1:49 and 1:51 AM. Hayden weighed in at 6 pounds and 2 ounces, while Carson weighed in at 4 pounds, 13 ounces. Keep checking back to watch us grow!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

2-Month Check-up & Shots (yuck!!)

We went Friday for the boys' 2-month check-up and shots. Needless to say, they did not like the shots (and neither did I!). I was SO glad Phillip was there to hold their little legs down while they were getting the shots because it was all I could do not to cry along with them (or at least not too much :)). About the only part of that I could handle was holdiing them afterwards. Maybe it will get easier.

Other than the shots, everything was good. The doctor said that they were both healthy little boys. Carson now weighs a whopping 10 pounds and 1 ounce, and is 21 3/4 inches long. Hayden is now up to 11 pounds and 14 ounces, and is 24 inches long. I know I can't create a post now without at least a picture, so here is one we took a week or so ago of me and the boys. I'll work on getting more pictures to show :).

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We're 2 Months Old!

The boys had their 2-month birthday this past Saturday. Here are some pictures we took this weekend. The first 3 are of the boys hanging out in Daddy's recliner and the last two show them smiling and waving to the camera (at least that is what it looks like :)).

Sunday, August 06, 2006

6-week Check-up

The boys went for their 6-week check-up this past Tuesday. They are still growing like crazy! Hayden was up to 10 pounds, 2 ounces, and Carson was 7 pounds, 13 ounces. I am not positive about the lengths (I forgot to write it down), but I am pretty sure Carson was 21 inches and Hayden was 22 3/4 inches. Here are a couple of pictures of them lounging around the house (like they do much else :)). Carson is really starting to fill out!

First Time To Church

The boys went to church for the first time last Sunday. They did very well! Carson slept the entire time and Hayden stayed awake. They are still sort of small, so we have a hard time figuring out what they can wear to church, but this is what they wore. We had some shorts that went along with the onesie, but they were still too big. Soon, though, they'll be wearing some cool clothes :).