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This blog is about our two little miracles, Hayden & Carson. They were born on June 19, 2006, at 1:49 and 1:51 AM. Hayden weighed in at 6 pounds and 2 ounces, while Carson weighed in at 4 pounds, 13 ounces. Keep checking back to watch us grow!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

We are Still Here :)

For those of you reading this, I want to thank your for taking time to check out our blog and for having faith that I will SOMEDAY add another post. I also want to apologize for it having been TWO months since I've posted anything. Being a mom of twinfants is time consuming, but I have learned not nearly as time consuming as being a mom of twin toddlers! However, I am going to do my best to not let that get in the way of my blogging anymore. My hopes are to set aside a little time every week or so to update everyone on how my wonderful little boys are doing.


I'm really not sure where to start because it has been so long. My last post was of one of the boys' favorite words at the time, "oosh" (for shoes). Since then, there are many many many more words coming out of those sweet little mouths, so I'll start there. They try so hard to say everything they can, but sometimes they will look at me, tell me some big story, and I just have to go "really," because I haven't a clue what they are saying. They do really well with a lot of words, and can identify a ton of things. However, there are some things they just can't say yet. Here are some of their cute sayings (I'm sure I am forgetting some) ...

  • "backoutdair" - When we are in the mall and go in a store, they want to go "back out there."

  • "mine-a" - This stands for me, mine, and I. When they want to walk they say "mineawalk," when they are talking about something of theirs they say something like "mineabear." I'm not sure where the "a" came from, but it is certainly there.

  • "barbar" - I give the boys cereal bars for breakfast (or snack) sometimes and they call them (or any other snack bar of mine) a "barbar."

  • "Emu" - One day I was sitting at my computer and Hayden came up to the door in the office (I have a gate there) and said "momma emu." I couldn't figure out what he was saying, but he was pointing to my computer. I finally said, "are you saying email" and he say "uhuh." So high-tech! Now, anytime I am at the computer he thinks I am "emu" ing. And, when he doesn't want me at the computer, he says "momma, no emu!" They have play computers too and when they play with them, they are "emu" ing.

  • "Nan" & "Bots" - This means Gran and Pops - my Mom and Dad.

  • "Mommys" and "Daddys" - I know one would think that they are meaning Mommy's (plural), but this is actually what they call Phillip's Mom and Dad. They are called Goodmommy and Gooddaddy by all of the grandkids, and the boys are not so good with G's yet, so they needed something different from Mommy and Daddy, so I guess they just decided to add an "s" so we would know who they were talking about - that makes things so much easier.

  • "DoDo" - This means Aunt Dodie.

  • "Mike" - This means Aunt Mica.

  • "wawa" - Water

  • "bit" and "mick" - I'm not sure how "bit" came about, but Hayden calls his puppy that. The puppy's name is "Puppy," but he still calls him Bit. I have tried to see if he was calling it anything else, but the only time he acts like I got it right is when I ask if he is saying Puppy. Who knows! Mick means monkey.

  • "buhbear" - This means Bunny Bear, Carson's bear that has a bunny suit (or a "buhbich")

  • "mumich", but has evolved to just "mich" - This means music. When the boys see a radio, they want to hear "mumich" or "mich."

  • "boop" and "lush" - This means poop and flush. No, we aren't potty trained yet, but we are starting to work on it a little - that is a whole other post.

  • "lala" - I am not thrilled with this one, but I am betting it is unavoidable. Anytime we drive by McDonald's, Sonic, pretty much any fast food place, the boys say "lala!" They want french fries. Sometimes we cave, but most of the time we don't. They LOVE french fries. I try to bake them at home when I can so they are getting their "lalas," but not getting all of the grease. ("lala" has also been used for flower).

Getting Around

There really isn't any news here except the boys are REALLY getting around, running, jumping, hopping, dancing, anything you can think of. The only difference is that they are getting much faster at it and can mess up things in less time. Yay! :)


Knock on wood, we have been pretty healthy. Carson has all 4 of his 2-year molars, and Hayden is in the process of getting his. It is so weird because Carson was so whiny when the first teeth were coming in, but we didn't even know he had these 4 extra teeth until they were all in! And, Hayden was so good with the first teeth, and is SOOOO whiny and cranky with these!

Oh my, where do I start??? Hayden is so laid back and easy going, and Carson is a busy body and wants to get in everything all of the time. However, they tend to reverse roles a bit when we go out in public. Hayden is more sociable, and Carson is more shy. I think personality-wise, Hayden is like his Daddy and Carson is like me. They can both throw some major tantrums, but are both so sweet and loveable. You can't be mad at them for long. We love to watch John & Kate Plus 8 (the boys especially love it), and at the beginning when she says "Today, I could very well lose my mind," we know exactly what she means!

What's New At Our House?

A few weeks ago we got a privacy fence for our back yard. They boys love being outside so much, but most times, there is only 1 adult with them (either my Mom when I am at work, or me when Phillip is working late). That makes it very hard to take them out because they are quick enough now to run in 2 different directions - a huge safety issue and worry of mine. So, we broke down and got a fence. They LOVE it and we LOVE it! They can just run and run and I don't have to worry about them getting away from me!

Also a few weeks ago, Charlie, our dog, went to live with Aunt Mica. Charlie hasn't gotten much attention since the boys have been here because we had never really let him play with the boys because we were scared because he is a temperamental dog. We didn't really think he'd bite, but didn't want to take the chance, especially since the boys are soon going to outgrow our "fence" in the house. Also, by the time we took care of the boys and their needs, we were often too tired to play with Charlie. Anyway, Mica has been wanting a new dog, and so it worked out perfectly. Charlie seems to be doing very well - and getting some much needed attention at his new home. After a few sad days for us, we are doing well too. I think it was the best for all of us. And, we will still get to see Charlie when Aunt Mica comes to visit.


I know that I have typed A LOT, so now I will leave you with some recent pics of the boys. I hope to post some videos soon.

Here are the boys in our backyard "riding" their tricycles...

Hayden on Casey's motorcycle...

Carson on Casey's motorcycle...
Yes, they still enjoy being naked! Here are a couple of pics while they are playing inside...


Blogger Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Wow! Thanks for the new post, I am a faithful checker for new posts. We also love Jon and Kate plus 8, and that is my favorite line. It does get easier when they get older...thank goodness for that.
And you will be very glad you blogged as they get older when are able to look back as past post. Thanks again for the update!

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you posted, sweetie. I love checking to see what the boys are up to. How funny it is that they have some of the same little personality traits that Emma and Cailin do. Like the boys, at home Cailin is the ring leader but tends to be more shy out int he public. Kelsie and I love watching Jon and Kate, too. We love you and hope to see you on the 4th of July. The girls talk about their cousins a lot.
Aunt Susie

10:07 AM  

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