Our Little Miracles

This blog is about our two little miracles, Hayden & Carson. They were born on June 19, 2006, at 1:49 and 1:51 AM. Hayden weighed in at 6 pounds and 2 ounces, while Carson weighed in at 4 pounds, 13 ounces. Keep checking back to watch us grow!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I have wanted to post a video for SO long, but never knew how. Now, I see a "video" button when I create a post, so I am excited. The only thing I have to do is shoot the videos. I haven't been able to hook our camcorder up to the computer yet (mainly lack of time to figure it out), but our digital camera shoots video, so that is what I did. I suspect that is why the video is shaky (sorry if you get sick easily), but it could also be that I don't do it very often. Either way, we have video!

This is from this afternoon - the boys were playing so well. They have gotten to where they like to get in their toy containers (especially Hayden), so I thought I would get a shot of that. Then Carson started running around and I know he likes to dance, so I tried to get him to dance. He wasn't really in the mood at the time (a rarity), but I looked back and Hayden was dancing pretty good, so I got him dancing. Then I was back and forth waiting for someone to do something (hence the drunkenness you may feel :)). I hope you enjoy! (oh yeah, please pardon the mess!)


Anonymous Goodmommy and Gooddaddy said...

I love you boys. Hugs and kisses. I love the vides Christy. Love you and Phillip

9:25 PM  

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